Letting go of sky

They told me to let go. Should I? I'm not that obedient Nor that rebellious What would this life be without the sky? Even clouds won't have a limb to hang onto. The sun may stop shining as he does not have other than that such loyal companion. But sometimes, taking risk is worth a … Continue reading Letting go of sky


Capitalization for hyphenated words

Hari ini, waktu mengedit habis gara-gara ketidaktahuan tentang aturan penulisan huruf kapital untuk hyphenated words. Uh. Masalah itu adalah frasa: thank-you letter yang menjadi judul subbab di naskah yang aku sunting. Yang namanya  judul subbab, sudah tentu butuh si aturan penulisan huruf kapital. And I didn’t know that. Dan Google seperti biasa, sudah memasang kuda-kuda … Continue reading Capitalization for hyphenated words